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We launched our law firm to help entrepreneurs start and grow their business through affordable and reliable legal advice. Often, timing is everything, but many SMB owners lack the resources to have an attorney on call. Unpredictable lawyer fees can make it impossible to budget and plan accordingly.  We wanted to eliminate this friction point.  We find that businesses are able to plan for success without compromising on legal services through flat fees and monthly subscriptions. We deliver top-tier legal talent but keep costs reasonable by staying lean and agile. Our goal is to help businesses buy and sell, employ talent, resolve disputes, and create a culture of commitment. Today, we serve businesses from the startup stage through doing billions in revenue. 

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Overview And Experience

John Allen Waldrop, III.

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Success occurs when we focus on long term mutually beneficial relationships.  Let’s work together to get deals done quickly and quietly with less drama and more focus on protecting against the real risks on things that are likely to actually hurt.


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Legal Career In 30 Seconds

John Allen has a vast and impressive history of success in world class legal departments across several industries including government contracting, real estate development, medical technology, construction logistics & finance and private equity.  He has been both a “one man band” as well as the leader of a team of high performing legal professionals. His experience delivers results in corporate governance, contracts and transactions, M&A, dispute resolution, employee management, and commercial real estate.  

Derek A. Colvin

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Focused on Continual Improvement

“Every day is an opportunity to improve and do better. I strive to be a better husband, father, and lawyer every day. I want to recognize my flaws and challenge myself to constantly improve. I want my family, friends and clients to know that I am their biggest supporter and find comfort in knowing I am by their side.”  – Derek A. Colvin 

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Legal Career In 30 Seconds

Derek A. Colvin started his career in public service as a prosecuting attorney from 2009 through 2021. Derek gained extensive experience as a trial lawyer and earned a reputation as a tough but fair prosecutor. In 2022, he joined John Allen Waldrop in the legal department at Loyalty Brands, an umbrella franchise company. By working with business executives under the mentorship of John Allen, he quickly developed a passion for business and commercial law. In forming Waldrop & Colvin, Derek took the final step in merging his own entrepreneurial aspirations with his passion for business and litigation. As a seasoned litigator focused on thinking critically and communicating effectively, Derek is well-suited to advise and protect your business as an independent owner,  franchisor, or franchisee

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