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Derek and John Allen discuss topics based on popular client inquiries and developments in business and franchise law. The author is identified in each post. Our firm’s goal is to add value to the business community and serve as a resource for SMB law. Enjoy and let us know if we can help your business. 

top 5 contract drafting tips

Top 5 Contract Drafting Tips

The ability to draft an enforceable contract is that is clear, concise, and accurately reflects the parties intent is a critical skill that underpins successful business transactions and legal agreements. Utilize these 5 contract drafting tips.

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LLC infographic

How to Form an LLC in Virginia

Many entrepreneurs choose the LLC structure in Virginia because of its flexibility. The LLC offers limited liability protection while allowing its owner to elect to be taxed as a sole proprietor or partnership (by default) or make an election to be taxed as a Corporation (C-Corp or S-Corp). Finally, establishing and maintaining an LLC is typically easier to manage than other corporate entity structures. A business minded attorney can help determine if this structure is best for your new business, handle the details, and serve as registered agent.

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icons to illustrate business and legal implications

Laws When Starting A Franchise

There are several key areas of law that may come into account when starting a franchise. Laws can be broken into several categories: laws that effect business generally, laws specific to your industry, federal franchise laws, and state franchise laws.

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Is My Invention Patentable?

If you’ve come up with a new idea or an invention, you are probably wondering: “can I protect or patent this?” That is a great first question, and the answer can be very simple or very complex depending on what you’ve invented.

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How much

What Does an Attorney Charge to Review an FDD?

The lawyers fee to review an FDD will vary by law firm. Many law firms specializing in franchise law offer FDD review at a fixed or flat rate. Larger firms may insist on an hourly rate. We charge a flat rate of $1,850 to review the FDD.

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