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FDD Review

The franchise disclosure document (“FDD”) is the legal document that franchisors are required to create and disclose to prospective buyers.  Franchise legal support starts with a legal review of the key terms of the FDD. Our franchise attorneys support franchise buyers by providing a full assessment in plain-language to help client’s understand the rights and obligations embodied in a particular franchise relationship. Our attorneys can provide franchise business support by performing a market analysis as part of your diligence process.. We want to enable franchise buyers to make informed decision. This knowledge also helps provide leverage in franchise agreement negotiations. 

Franchise Agreement Review

Franchisors offer various levels of support and follow different models. The 23 Items required in every FDD provide an overview of the franchisors model and establish the rights and obligations of each party. The franchise agreement is required because of Item 22 – the Contracts section.  The franchise agreement is the primary contract binding the franchisor and franchisee. We provide franchise legal support to prospective franchise buyers by reviewing and analyzing the franchise agreement. Franchise support includes advising prospective franchisees on key terms and answering any legal questions.  Our goal is to empower franchise buyers to make informed decisions through business and legal due diligence. 

Franchise Negotiation

Almost everything is negotiable. Franchise legal support includes trying to maximize the likelihood of success and minimize the likelihood of disagreements during the course of the franchise relationship.  Our attorneys work with franchisors on a daily basis. They write franchise agreements for franchisors across various industries. This knowledge and experience allows our attorneys to better understand the legal and business reasons for certain provisions. This knowledge is put to use for clients benefit as they consider purchasing a franchise opportunity and begin to negotiate over financial and other key terms.  Our lawyers can’t guarantee success – but they can empower you and advocate on your behalf. 

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