Employment Law

We help businesses manage talent 

Consultation on Employment Issues

The workplace environment is constantly changing, particularly in the post-world of COVID-19. Waldrop & Colvin provide on-demand support to answer your employment questions, advise on best-practices, and provide the legal support your business needs. 

Offers and Contracts

Best practice requires necessitates memorizing employment relationships to writing. We excel at developing templates and custom agreements.  We draft, prepare and deliver executive employee agreements, full-time employee agreements, and part-time employee agreements.   

Independent Contractor Agreements

We draft, prepare and deliver independent contract agreements through the use of a master service agreement and an accompanied scope of services. We will listen to your needs in the initial documents and will prepare a new scope of service as needed. Through the use of these world-class independent contractor agreements, you can protect  your business and ensure that the price you pay independent contractors for goods and services is tied to specified deliverables. 

Non Competition and Confidentiality Agreements

The landscape on employee restrictions is constantly changing. We follow trends and stay on top of regulatory developments. We draft, prepare and deliver non-competition agreements,  mutual nondisclosure agreements, and confidentiality agreements to meet your business needs. 

We focus on results and work hard to deliver solutions. Let us serve as the law department for your business. 

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