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On-Demand Legal support

Waldrop & Colvin offer businesses access to on-demand legal support through a monthly subscription service as fractional general counsel. Each business plan to the hours and support areas that best suit the business. As fractional general counsel, Waldrop & Colvin become the law department for your business. Our attorneys will deliver efficient and effective business legal solutions to meet your needs.
Ongoing support and accessibility of fractional general counsel can bring immense value to your business. You get direct access to an attorney. You can call, text, or email and get prompt attention, during and after business hours, without the typical anxiety of hourly billing or the expense of a general counsel. Our attorneys work hard to understand your business goals and objectives while working directly with you or your business leads.
Business success comes from managing risk properly, but risk never goes away. Waldrop & Colvin have the knowledge, experience and systems to deliver results that are both cost effective and timely. Contact our attorneys by phone, email, or schedule a video consultation today.
Waldrop & Colvin look forward to discussing how their legal expertise could help your business manage risk and stay competitive in today’s marketplace.

the Outside General Counsel Model

Small and medium sized business often lack the financial ability to maintain ongoing legal support.  Businesses can’t justify the annual cost of a full time position and fear the unpredictable rates charged by many law firms. Our goal is to eliminate this friction point fixed monthly costs.  We also work with large businesses who need additional capacity or reach in our practice areas. Big or small, we are the law department for your business. 
A fractional general counsel serves as your business general counsel. Our attorneys become your law department. Hence, The fractional general counsel model is designed to provide the benefits of a dedicated legal department at a fraction of the cost. This allows small and medium sized businesses to afford high quality legal representation on-demand. Complete business legal solutions from one firm.
A business minded attorney can help you understand and mitigate risk as you manage and grow your business. General counsel’s provide a broad range of legal support. The support is often proactive as opposed to being reactive because the attorneys work with business leads on an ongoing basis. The fractional general counsel model encourages legal review and fosters an atmosphere of following best practices. This model eliminates the friction point of unknown and costly legal expenses.
Our fractional general counsels partner with business leads to create real value by understanding business goals and objectives and offering proactive legal support to provide a return on your investment. A typical attorney-client relationship involves specific issues and billable hours. The outside general counsel maintains ongoing and open communication with the accessibility you would expect from an employee.
A fractional general counsel costs a fraction of the amount it costs to employee a full-time general counsel. The exact cost depends upon your business needs. The service is typically offered on a subscription / fixed monthly fee basis which includes a range of hours for complete legal service. This model offers a significant discount as compared to ad hoc legal services. For example, we currently offer 5-10 hours of monthly service as fractional general counsel for a fixed rate of $2,000 a month.
John Allen and Derek have decades of collective experience in providing service as in-house general counsel and in litigation. They provide high-quality low-cost legal solutions by keeping overhead low and managing a work/life balance. Clients receive premier legal talent delivered in a boutique law experience. Few attorneys can offer the same level of expertise near the same price-point offered by Waldrop & Colvin.

We focus on results and work hard to deliver solutions. Let us serve as the law department for your business. 

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