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Franchising is an accelerated growth strategy.
we provide the legal support franchisors need to do business.


We work hard to understand our Client’s goals and objectives and navigate them through the development of a franchised business.  Franchising is regulated on the federal and state level. Understanding the nuances of franchise law and compliance shouldn’t consume all of your time.  We will help you prepare for franchising and develop the franchise disclosure document (“FDD”). 


Certain states require registration of the franchise disclosure document (“FDD”) before allowing a franchisor to do business in their state. We will explain the process and cost of registration in each state. You decide where to register. We take care of the rest. 


There are twenty-three separate areas of disclosure required by franchise laws and almost half of the country regulates franchise opportunities to some degree. The FDD must be updated annually and on the occurrence of certain events. Its a lot to keep track of. Let us focus on the legal work while you focus on the business.  Compliance is our priority. 


Our contracts are used to conduct billions of dollars in business each year. The primary contract found in every FDD is the franchise agreement.  This contract contains the rights and obligations of the franchisor and franchisee. We listen to your goals and objectives to ensure contracts best protect your business.  The typical franchise agreement is for a ten-year term and its important to get things right the first time.  


Avoiding and resolving disputes is essential to the success of any business. In franchising, success requires happy and successful franchisees.  Unfortunately, your franchise opportunity isn’t right for everyone.  When disputes arise, we work with business leads to manage and address them in a productive way.  


We offer a full platform of support for your franchising needs. We can manage the disclosure of the FDD to ensure compliance, prepare franchise agreements, and manage all required reports and renewal filings. We manage franchise relations, advice on best practices, and help avoid disputes. The level of support your business needs is up to you; however, we typically provide complete support to franchisors on a fair monthly fixed-fee.  

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