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Dr. Chester L. Karrass wrote a book entitled: In business as in life, you don’t get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate.  Our experience has found this adage to be true.

The Intersection of Business and Legal

Waldrop & Colvin focus on driving business strategies following the axiom that successful deals happen quickly when business minded lawyers connect with leaders to generate profit while still protecting the company. As astute and dedicated legal professionals with strong business acumen and legal analysis abilities, we use these skills to provide balanced advice to solve problems and manage risks.  If you have business legal needs, we have solutions for you. 

Contract Preparation

Lengthy complex contracts that are written in legalese rarely find a place in modern business. At Waldrop & Colvin, we are known for drafting world class contracts that are clear, concise and narrowly tailored to fit your need. We go the extra mile to understand your business so that we protect what matters. We prefer to leave the latin to the ancient Romans.

Template Creation

Would a master supply agreement or master purchase agreement template benefit your business? Good contracts can protect clients from serious issues while maintaining a balanced approach on many issues.  Developing and utilizing a good template can better protect your business from the issues that matter to you.   

Protecting Commercial Suppliers and Buyers

Contract templates developed by John Allen are used by previous clients to transact over $10 billion per year.  For over 15 years, John Allen served as inside counsel for a global conglomerate, so he has international experience on thousands of contract issues.  He leverages his substantial experience to benefit each client. 

Contract Review

What are your contract review standards?  How thick does the shield need to be and how sharp the sword? At Waldrop & Colvin, we go the extra mile to understand the whole picture. Prudent business lawyers focus on risk management instead of risk elimination. The only way to totally avoid the risk is to close your doors and that is not an option. So, let us help you negotiate better contracts that allow you to get deals done without betting the farm.

Contract enforcement

Hope for the best, but plan for the worst. If a business relationship sours or the other party fails to deliver, we have solutions. What are your goals? Quick, quiet and cost effective or knock down and drag out? The right solution is tailored around achieving the best result given the facts of your case. There is rarely one right answer, and one size does NOT fit all situations.

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We empower clients to make informed decisions by providing premier legal talent.


We are accessible by text, call, e-mail, video-conference, or in person in Hampton Roads, Virginia. We make ourselves available for next-day appointments.


We respond to our clients within hours, not days. We value open and honest communication. You can count on us to pickup when you call.

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We work with clients on an hourly rate, fixed fee, or monthly subscription rate. Our competitive price and specialized knowledge are tough to beat.

We focus on results and work hard to deliver solutions. Let us serve as the law department for your business. 

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