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The law firm of Waldrop & Colvin provides the business-minded legal support entrepreneurs need to create and build their own product brand. From conception to execution, let us empower you with the legal foundation and knowledge you need to succeed in sourcing, manufacturing, and distributing products! 

creating Brands and Selling Products

Waldrop & Colvin are the legal partners you need to build a brand and sell products across the globe.  Our attorneys offer practical legal guidance and real world experience to help you chart your own path and launch any brand initiative on a solid legal foundation. Want to know how to manufacture a product and sell it? Let our law firm provide the legal guidance and tools you need to source or manufacture a product and sell it!

Own Brand or Private Label Products

“Own brand” and “private label” are terms often used interchangeably, but the terms can have subtle differences in meaning depending on the context. For example, the term “own brand” is used to reference products that are exclusively associated with a particular company. In this context, the company creates its own brand identity, including a unique name, logo, and packaging. The term “Private label” generally refers to products manufactured by a third-party or private manufacturer but sold under the seller’s own brand name. Both own brand programs and private label programs involve retailers selling products under their own brand name, with control over the products’ quality and specifications. The distinction can vary between industries and regions. the distinction can vary between industries and regions.  The use of these two terms can vary between industries and regions.

If you’ve dreamed of taking an idea written on the back of a napkin and turning it into millions of dollars in product sales, we can help. We’ve been there and we’ve done that. From launch to maturity, our business-minded law firm helps entrepreneurs accomplish short-term, mid-term, and long-term goals through clear guidance and transactional legal support.  

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Selling Products with Intention

To manufacture and sell products successfully, understanding the entire process is crucial. This journey starts with a concept and moves through design, production, and finally, to selling online or in stores. Every step in the development process is vital, as it influences the final product’s quality, cost, and market acceptance. The scope of your project can range from small, handcrafted items to mass-produced goods, each with its unique challenges and benefits.

Establishing the right team is an essential element of building a successful business. Great achievements are often the result of group effort. Success seldom comes by coincidence or on accident. Building a brand and profitably selling products takes dedication, hard work, and a group of like-minded individuals to help you achieve your goals. Waldrop & Colvin can be an integral part of the process providing business minded legal guidance. 

Building the right team doesn’t just multiply your efforts, it also multiplies your chances of success!

Waldrop & Colvin can help you develop and execute a strategy to manufacture and sell products with intention. We also build the legal framework and draft the document sets you need to conduct business. Our attorneys work with entrepreneurs on a wide-range of business and legal issues inherent in sourcing, manufacturing, and selling products; including:


Planning and executing requires a consideration of the short term, mid term and long term goals and objectives.  Strategy is an essential part of success in manufacturing and selling your own products.  This means making informed decisions when it comes to tax strategies, entity selection, ownership structure, marketing, operations, and liability risks. 


Selecting the right entity type is an essential part of doing business in a global marketplace, but the process doesn’t stop there. We provide the legal support needed to truly make an informed decision and prepare the right paperwork and tailor the governance documents. We provide the legal know-how to start and operate the business in compliance with the law. 

Intellectual Property

Building a brand demands protecting the brand name and protecting the brands confidential and proprietary information.  This means developing and executing an effective strategy to protect your intellectual property.  Common steps can include obtaining trademarks, copyrights, or patents, and drafting agreements with trading partners.  

Literature Review

Literature must comply with federal trade commission requirements.  We help provide guidance and review sales literature to ensure compliance with applicable standards.  


Manufacturers are required to ensure their packaging complies with general and industry specific laws, as well as truth in advertising requirements.  We review packaging and offer guidance to ensure compliance. 


How will you warranty the product?  What warranty or recall rights will you be provided? We help you understand your risk and obligations when it comes to product safety and product warranty.  

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Sourcing and Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry is vast and varied, encompassing everything from small-scale artisanal products to large-scale industrial goods. This industry’s sales landscape is equally diverse, with different strategies required for various types of products and markets. Understanding this landscape is essential for any business looking to manufacture and sell products successfully. In the manufacturing industry, sales processes can be intricate, involving multiple stakeholders, long sales cycles, and significant technical and logistical considerations. The complexity of these sales often reflects the complex nature of the products being manufactured and the specific needs of the customers buying them. We have the know how needed to assist with strategic sourcing, negotiate key terms, and draft supplier contracts.  

Accounting and Integration

How and where will you sell your products?  We help with planning and negotiation of the legal document set.  The extent of our involvement depends on your legal needs.  


Understanding and planning for your product to go from its source of origin to you or your customer requires a great deal of planning and insight.  There are legal and practical considerations that must be taken into account. 

Risk Management

The only way to eliminate risk in business is to close the doors. Our clients are willing to take risks or they wouldn’t be in business. However, we help client’s avoid taking unnecessary risks and we help them mitigate their risk and exposure throughout the product life cycle.  

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Attorney John Allen Waldrop leads our law firms efforts in manufacturing and sourcing products across the globe.  If you need business minded legal support in executing a plan, you should schedule a free consultation to learn more. We’d love to help you along your journey.  

John Allen Waldrop

John Allen has a vast and impressive history of success in world class legal departments across several industries including government contracting, real estate development, medical technology, construction logistics & finance and private equity. He has been both a “one man band” as well as the leader of a team of high performing legal professionals. His experience delivers results in building brands, corporate governance, contracts and transactions, M&A, dispute resolution, employee management, and commercial real estate.  

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