Filipino Brands with Franchises in the US

Filipino Brands with Franchises in the US

According to the US Department of State, more than 4 million Filipino-Americans live in the US. Thus, it comes at no surprise that several Philippine brands have extended their operations in the United States and have achieved notable success.

Searching for a restaurant franchise opportunity? The goal of this post is to introduce you to certain Philippine brands that have established franchises in the United States. Please note, Waldrop and Colvin PLLC is not associated with any of the mentioned brands in this post. However, if you are considering a franchise opportunity, we encourage you to seek guidance from franchise legal counsel to assist in the business and legal aspects of franchising and negotiating the right deal. 

Max's Restaurant

Max’s Restaurant is known as “The House That Fried Chicken Built,” Max’s Restaurant is famous for its “sarap (delicious) to the bones” fried chicken and the wide array of Filipino cuisine it offers.

At present, Max’s Restaurant has over 180 locations in the Philippines, 4 in the Middle East and 21 in North America.

Max's Franchises in the United States

Max’s Restaurant can be found in the following states: California, Guam, Hawaii, Illinois,  New Jersey, New York, Texas and Washington.

Max's Initial Investment

A franchisee should expect to invest between $729,000 to $1,840,000 to launch their own Max’s Restaurant. This is based on what eMax, LLC estimates it will cost a franchisee to launch and run their own restaurant for the first three months according to its 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) which is on file with the NASAA electronic filing depository. 

Max's Franchise Fee

According its 2023 FDD, the initial franchise fee for a single Max’s Restaurant is $50,000 whereby $25,000 is paid upon signing of the franchise agreement and the other $25,000 to be paid 10 days prior to the opening of the franchised restaurant.

Max's Royalties And Other Ongoing Fees

As of 2023, Max’s collects 5% of net sales every 10th of the month as ongoing royalty fees. Additional fees to be paid to the franchisor can be found in Item 6 of Max’s current FDD. 

Potato Corner

Celebrated by lovers of all things potato, Potato Corner is renowned for its flavored french fries, featuring flavor options such as cheese, sour cream, barbecue, chili barbecue and more.

At present, Potato Corner has over 1,195 stores in the Philippines, and 205 stores worldwide, including 34 branches in the USA.

Potato Corner Franchises in the United States

Potato Corner restaurants can be found in the following states: Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Minnesota, Nevada, New Mexico, New York, Texas, and Washington.

Potato Corner's Initial Investment

To start their own Potato Corner restaurant, a franchisee should prepare an amount ranging from $242,200 to $829,000. This estimate is based on the costs projected by PCJV USA, LLC for a franchisee to launch and operate their own restaurant for the first three months as outlined in its its 2023 Franchise Disclosure Document (“FDD”) which is on file with the NASAA electronic filing depository.

Potato Corner's Franchise Fee

According its 2023 FDD, the initial franchise fee for a single Potato Corner restaurant is $30,000. Potato Corner also offers a multi-unit development program which is outlined under Item 5 of its FDD.

Potato Corner's Royalties And Other Ongoing Fees

As of 2023, Potato Corner collects 7% of gross sales on a monthly basis as ongoing royalty fees. Further details regarding the additional fees payable to the franchisor are outlined in Item 6 of Potato Corner’s current FDD.


Dubbed to the McDonald’s of the Philippines, Jollibee has cemented its position in the fast-food landscape by offering Filipino-inspired dishes such as Chickenjoy, Jolly Spaghetti, Yumburger and more.

At present, Jollibee operates over 1,500 stores worldwide, including 72 stores in the United States.

Jollibee Stores in the United States

Jollibee restaurants can be found in the following states: Arizona, California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington.

Jollibee's Initial Investment

According to Jollibee’s official website, the investment requirement to put up a Jollibee restaurant ranges from PHP 35,000,000 to PHP 55,000,000 which is equivalent to around $625,000 to $980,000. 

Jollibee's International Franchise

While Jollibee has not revealed the exact cost of its international franchise, its website confirms that it does offer international franchises which could either be a territory development franchise or an area development franchise.

Interested international franchisees are to submit an application to Jollibee, including their Letter of Intent, as well as their company or personal profiles.

Jollibee's Franchise Selection Criteria

According to its website, Jollibee is looking for franchise candidates who are:

  • self-driven;
  • able to motivate others
  • willing to devote sufficient time
  • willing to undergo a full time training on restaurant operations; and
  • able to fund the investment requirement.

There are other Filipino brands with presence in the United States. They don't offer franchises currently, but they may in the future!

Red Ribbon

Red Ribbon is a cherished Filipino bakery chain known for its cakes, pastries and dessert. At present, it has stores in the following US states: California, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia and Washington.


Another well-known Filipino bakery brand that offers an array of sweet Filipino treats is Goldilocks which has stores in California and Nevada. 


Chowking is a Filipino restaurant best known for its fusion of Chinese and Filipino cuisine. At present, it has stores in the following US states: California, Nevada, New Jersey and Washington.

Franchise Options with Filipino Brands

Please, note, franchisors establish their own pricing and other metrics. Franchises can only be offered through disclosure of a franchise disclosure document and not all opportunities will be available in your state or region.  The first step is typically to talk to the franchisor’s sales team. If you qualify and meet criteria, you’ll receive an up-to-date disclosure document (referred to as the “FDD”) for your state which includes many disclosures and a copy of a standard form franchise agreement. We recommend evaluating any franchise opportunity with a seasoned franchise lawyer.  

Meet the Author:

Christine Bontuyan is a lawyer in the Philippines and she is based in Cebu City. She earned her Juris Doctor degree in 2020. Apart from handling civil and criminal cases in the Philippines, Christine serves as a paralegal for reputable US law firms. She previously served as an elected public official in the Philippines, as the Sangguniang Kabataan Chairperson of Barangay Talamban, Cebu City from 2018 to 2023.

Waldrop & Colvin is a franchise law firm and they help business owners (franchisors) and entrepreneurs (franchisees) evaluate franchise opportunities so they can make informed decisions. You can learn more about franchising and franchise law by exploring their site (Overview of federal franchise law and State-by-State franchise requirements).


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