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Derek and John Allen discuss topics based on popular client inquiries and developments in business and franchise law. The author is identified in each post. Our firm’s goal is to add value to the business community and serve as a resource for SMB law. Enjoy and let us know if we can help your business. 

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4 Korean Brands Offering Franchises in the United States

The American market is known for embracing a wide range of products and services, providing a platform for international brands to flourish. This is precisely why a lot of companies aspire to expand their businesses into the United States. The continued “Hallyu” or Korean wave is extending the reach of the Korean culture across the United States.

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The Basic Legal Requirements to Start a Franchise

Franchising generally occurs any time there is an oral or written agreement for (1) the buyer to use or associate with the sellers trademark; (2) the seller to exert certain control or provide certain assistance; and, (3) the buyer to pay for the association. The basic legal requirements to start a franchise can be broken down into five main categories.

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How Much Do Franchise Attorneys Charge to Review an FDD?

The lawyers fee to review an FDD will vary by law firm. Many law firms specializing in franchise law offer FDD review at a fixed or flat rate. Larger firms may insist on an hourly rate. At Waldrop & Colvin, we charge a flat rate of $1,850 to review the FDD, deliver a report of our findings, and provide unlimited consultations on the franchise opportunity.

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What is An Item 19 Financial Performance Representation?

Out of all the 23 required Items in every FDD, one of the most significant is found in Item 19. For a franchise buyer, this Item may provide revenue figures or other financial metrics of company owned and franchisee owned outlets. For franchisors, a decision to include these metrics carries business legal risks and benefits. Any of the representations permitted for inclusion in Item 19 are known as the Financial Performance Representations.

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What To Consider When Hiring an Attorney

There are approximately 1.3 million lawyers practicing in the United States.  Many may be a good fit for your legal needs, but finding the right attorney requires identifying the nature and scope of the legal need, and  locating an attorney with a matching skill set. The practice of law includes many different specialities and niche legal fields. Locating the right attorney is essential when you need competent and affordable legal support.  

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CoCo Franchise Requirements

CoCo started its humble beginnings in Tamsui, Taiwan in 1997 before expanding its footprint throughout Asia, South Pacific and North America. CoCo Fresh Tea &

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Land Ownership in the Philippines as an Expatriate

The concept of land ownership has been a cornerstone of the American dream since the founding of the United States. This freedom has played a crucial role in shaping the economic, social, and cultural landscape of the nation. However, land ownership is restricted or subject to stringent regulations in many other countries.

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Happy Lemon Franchise Requirements

Founded in 2006 in Taiwan, Happy Lemon initially brought and expanded its brand in Mainland China and Hongkong until it expanded with more than 350+ locations across 21 countries including the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, and many more.

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Chatime Franchise Requirements

Chatime is a bubble tea business that began in Taiwan in 2003, expanding into other countries across the globe. Interested in opening your own Chatime franchise business? Expect to invest between $208,600 to $475,400 to launch your first Chatime restaurant.

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