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Strategic and Personalized Legal Support

As a franchise focused law firm, Waldrop & Colvin provide on-demand legal support to both franchise sellers (“franchisors”) and prospective franchise buyers (“franchisees”). Many franchise attorneys represent franchisors or franchisees, but our attorneys have the unique advantage of representing both franchisors and franchisee at all stages of the franchise journey.  This experience allows our franchise attorneys to offer unparalleled insights into the intricacies of the franchising landscape. 

Simply put, Waldrop & Colvin anticipate potential challenges and opportunities from both sides of the franchise relationship, and leverage their knowledge to help clients succeed in franchising. 

This dual perspective gained from representing franchisors and franchisees helps our lawyers negotiate advantageous terms, anticipate challenges, and craft proactive legal strategies tailored to each client’s specific legal needs. At our law firm, attorneys don’t just understand the intricacies and nuances of federal and state franchise law; they empower franchisors and franchisees to thrive in an ever-evolving business environment.

Whether you are a seasoned leader in franchising or taking your first steps as an entrepreneur, Waldrop & Colvin can guide you through the various aspects of business law and franchise law by providing legal solutions without the legalese. 

Franchisee Legal Support

Evaluating a franchise opportunity demands careful consideration, diligence, and expertise. A skilled franchise attorney plays a pivotal role in this evaluation process by meticulously reviewing disclosure documents and contracts, and offering proactive legal support. While any skilled business attorney can review a contract, only attorneys with specialized knowledge in franchising can fully appreciate the legal intricacies of franchise law and the practical aspects of the franchise business model.  

Our franchisee attorneys possess the acumen to identify potential red flags, assess the fairness of business and legal terms, and ensure compliance with relevant federal and state laws. Beyond the legalities, a top franchisee attorney can offer valuable insights into industry standards, helping potential franchisees gauge the viability and competitiveness of the opportunity they are evaluating.

Engaging knowledgeable franchise legal counsel helps entrepreneurs make informed decisions, mitigate risks, and maximize their potential to succeed in franchising. 

Franchisor Legal Support

Franchising demands a strong ongoing working relationship between business leads and an  experienced franchise attorney. From launch to maturity, a skilled franchise attorney is vital to building a strong and legally sound franchise system. This is true regardless of whether you are a seasoned franchisor with many franchise locations or an emerging brand looking to expand through franchising.

The primary role of a franchisor attorney is to provide comprehensive support in crafting franchise disclosure documents, franchise agreements, and other crucial legal frameworks. Beyond the initial setup of a franchise business, the attorney will play a key role in ensuring ongoing compliance with evolving regulations, minimizing legal risks, and resolving disputes efficiently. The best franchise attorneys understand the unique challenges faced by franchisors and can offer personalized strategic advice on expanding the franchise network while safeguarding the brand’s integrity. The support from a franchise lawyer well versed in business law extends to all aspects of running a franchise system from assisting with franchisee relations, managing intellectual property concerns, engaging with vendors and suppliers, and providing ongoing guidance required to adapt to a changing business landscape.

By partnering with a knowledgeable franchise attorney, franchisors can confidently navigate the legal complexities, establish a robust foundation for their franchise system, and focus on sustainable growth and success. Planning for success and executing with precision is an essential part of building and sustaining a successful franchise system. As Virginia licensed franchise attorneys, our law firm can help clients franchise across the United States and our lawyers work diligently to secure registration in any state where the client wants to offer a franchise. 

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Business Minded Attorneys Provide Support from launch to maturity

Business-minded attorneys play a pivotal role in structuring deals, negotiating contracts, and providing guidance on risk management, thereby enabling the business to seize opportunities and navigate challenges. Our Virginia attorneys can deliver the legal guidance and support needed to franchise across the United States and engage in commerce across the globe. 

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Our law firms goal is to exceed your expectations in every interaction. We recognize that prompt and reliable legal advice brings our clients trust and peace of mind. Time is always of the essence. Our franchise attorneys understand the time-sensitive nature of franchising, delivering swift responses and providing dependable legal support for both franchisors and franchisees alike. With a commitment to staying ahead of deadlines and providing timely advice, our attorneys ensure that our clients legal needs are met promptly, allowing them to focus on the growth and success of their business. Big or small, every client gets the same level of attention.  

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How Franchise Attorneys Help

Legal Solutions tailored to your needs

We are committed to serving the unique legal needs of our clients. By delivering prompt, reliable, and affordable legal solutions, we build mutually beneficial long term relationships with businesses of all types. Our diverse experience provides us with a diverse perspective and the unique ability to address legal challenges with effective and efficient solutions. Our attorneys focus on the legal aspects so business leads can devote their attention to driving business growth.  

The type of legal support Needed From a Franchise Attorney varies between franchisors and franchisees

Franchisor Legal Services

The offer of a franchise opportunity in the United States is regulated on the national level by federal franchise laws and is regulated to varying degrees among the 50 states. Because of the many laws, rules, and regulations which effect franchising, franchise law is a highly specialized area of the law within the purview of business  law.  Relatively few attorneys are able to specialize in franchising and stay current on trends and developments in the law. One of the most important things a franchisor can do is to partner with a competent franchise attorney.  

Succeeding as a franchisor requires constant collaboration between business and legal.

Before launching launching Waldrop & Colvin, our attorneys represented an umbrella franchisor as in-house general counsel. This opportunity allowed them to work closely with business leads, consultants, advisors, other franchise attorneys, and individuals engulfed in the world of franchising. This experience has empowered them with industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the franchise relationship.

Our franchise attorneys are knowledgable, reliable and readily accessible. They utilize their unique skill set to help business owners succeed in franchising. They empower clients with the freedom to focus on business.  

franchisor legal solutions Often include:

Our attorneys have a diverse background providing transactional and litigation support. Legal support is an indispensable part of franchising. There are several key tasks and areas where we help franchisors most frequently. 

  1. We help franchisors develop and implement a plan to franchise. 
  2. We take steps to help franchisors protect their intellectual property. 
  3. We draft the franchise disclosure document (the “FDD”).
  4. We draft the franchise agreement along with any other contracts. 
  5. We review and negotiate contracts with trading partners. 
  6. We securing approval for the franchisor to offer franchises in franchise registration and filing states
  7. We educate sales teams to help ensure compliance with franchise laws. 
  8. We disclose prospects, prepare addendums, and send franchise agreements. 
  9. We manage and resolve franchise disputes. 
  10. We provide day-to-day franchise legal support. 

The Cost of Franchisor Legal Support

The traditional law firm approach relies heavily on the billable hour; however, many franchise law firms provide support on a fixed fee basis.  This includes a fixed one-time fee to develop the initial FDD and a fixed ongoing monthly fee to provide support in certain key areas.  We follow this approach for franchisors in developing the FDD and providing day-to-day support.  The key difference between Waldrop & Colvin and other firms in terms of pricing is that we are often able to deliver a wider range of support for a lower fee.  Our attorneys possess a high degree of experience across many aspects of business law and that enables them to provide support in areas where others cannot.  Another huge advantage in choosing to work with our firm is that our attorneys do a vast majority of the legal work, not a paralegal.  

Once we know a little about your business, we will provide a flat fee quote to draft and issue the FDD and a flat monthly fee to support your franchised business.  We encourage you to speak with us and see if we are a good fit.  We offer free no-hassle consultations by video or by phone.  

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Franchisee Legal Services

Prospective buyers often choose to purchase a franchise business because they want a business in a box. They want to follow a proven system and expect to obtain results. However, finding the right opportunity is easier said than done. There are many things to take into consideration. The key legal difference between purchasing a franchise opportunity as compared to any other business opportunity is that you will be disclosed a franchise disclosure document.  The FDD contains a comprehensive series of disclosures that are designed to help you make an informed purchase decision. 

Purchasing a franchise opportunity can be overwhelming. Our law firm stands ready to help. Our attorneys understand franchising because we works with leading franchisors, franchise sellers, and franchise consultants on a daily basis. We leverage this industry knowledge and experience to help clients fully evaluate a franchise opportunity before signing any contracts.  We provides clients the knowledge they need to make informed decisions and seek the right concessions. We also help entrepreneurs buy or sell an existing franchise business.  

franchisee legal solutions Often include:

  1. Comprehensive FDD review by a franchise attorney; 
  2. Comprensive review and analysis of the franchise agreement and other contracts;
  3. Development of a written report documenting the FDD review; 
  4. Consultation and legal advice on rights and obligations;
  5. Consultation and negotiation on business legal terms;
  6. Business formation;
  7. Lease negotiation;
  8. Day-to-day legal support

Additionally, we help buy and sell existing franchised businesses by drafting letters of intent, preparing purchase agreements and other contracts, and conducting legal due diligence.  We also help franchisees evaluate claims and resolve disputes with franchisors.  

how much does a franchisee lawyer cost?

As we mentioned above, lawyers traditionally bill on a per hour basis. However, we strive to help entrepreneurs budget by providing a firm fixed cost whenever possible.  We are able to do this because we want to build long term relationships by providing value and we have the experience to know approximately how long it will take to complete each task.  For example, we provide a comprehensive FDD review and unlimited consultation for a competitive flat fee ($1,850). Likewise, we often help new franchisees by creating their business entity and drafting formation documents in compliance with any franchisor requirements for a reasonable fixed fee.  However, certain items are unpredictable – like negotiating commercial lease terms or assisting with employee relations. If we cannot provide a firm fixed cost than we will do our best to provide a time estimate. Obtaining solid legal support is the cost of doing business, but we do our best to make our engagement affordable and transparent. 

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From Launch to Maturity

We are more than just a franchise law firm. We have the knowledge and experience to provide ongoing legal support.  From transactional support to dispute resolution, we want to be a part of your journey.  Many firms can support one aspect of your business or help you evaluate a franchise, but our attorney’s unique skill sets allow them to foster long term mutually beneficial relationships with business clients.  Our Virginia law firm can provide transactional support across the globe.  From launch to maturity, lets go! 


Protect IP

We can help franchisors protect their brand by providing legal support throughout the trademark process. 


We can help franchisors by drafting the FDD and we can help franchisees by reviewing and explaining the FDD. We draft contracts and negotiate key legal terms for both franchisors and franchsiees. 


We can help businesses develop best practices and navigate any legal challenges with employees, customers, or implicit in franchising. 


We provide ongoing legal support as business leads manage the challenges of growing operations. In good times and bad, we serve as a trusted legal advisor. We are the law department for your business. 

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Click here to learn more about our franchise lawyers or learn more about attorney Derek Colvin’s path as a franchise lawyer in his “Top Lawyers” interview with Authority Magazine. Please also feel free to explore our site to learn more about our diverse practice areas (Business and Commercial Law) or learn about franchise law (federal franchise law or state franchise laws).   about Waldrop and Colvin as a franchise law firm. We are result oriented and laser focused on serving entrepreneurs by providing business legal solutions.  We are Virginia based, but we provide nationwide support.  

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